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As corporate consultants, Karel and Haroen grew frustrated with the complexity, cost, and long cycles of traditional BI projects. Smart insights were a privilege to companies with millions to spend. Fast forward to 2015. Together with Thomas, they launch Cumul.io to empower anyone to make smarter decisions. From the skyscraper office to the restaurant down the block. And the early founders knew exactly how to spread these bite-size insights to millions of people fast… By surfing the booming wave of Software-as-a-Service.

Two of Cumul.io's founders: Karel Callens, CEO, and Haroen Vermylen, CTO
The Cumul.io team analyzing data through a Cumul.io dashboard shown on a monitor

Our promise

With engaging, intuitive customer analytics experiences, we help SaaS companies of all shapes and sizes empower their product users with smart, insight-driven decisions. In a fraction of the time. At a fraction of the cost.

Maarten van de Vijver

Founder of Eneos

Thierry Vermeiren

COO at Workero

We keep our promise


Our values

Every Cumulian embodies our unique DNA. With these six core values, we break the mold of traditional BI and help you stand out.

The Cumul.io DNA

We’re breaking the mold of traditional BI. With this unique DNA, we help you stand out from your competitors.

Empower success

Making you succeed is our #1 priority.

Accomplish daily

Through incremental progress, we can offer you bigger, greater change.

Innovate fearlessly

If you think you’ve seen it all, you’ve reached the right place. With everything we do, we try to do it from a different lens.

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Be human

Robot messages and dead-end transfers are the worst. Build a genuine relationship where you feel connected and heard.

Collaborate inclusively

We’re not a vendor, but an extension of your team. Work together with respect for every person’s context.

Be driven

We do everything with passion, and always with a smile. Because life is boring without a little color!

Become a Cumulian

Do you have the Cumul.io DNA? Check out our careers and become a Cumulian yourself!

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