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IoT devices generate billions of data points. But unless it’s presented visually and interactively, it won’t bring any added value for your customers.

At the ThinkThings Conference, our CEO & Founder Karel Callens talked about the importance of dashboards as a visual language for data.

Check out the video below to answer key questions in customer-facing analytics, such as:

  • How to transform raw IoT data into impactful insights?
  • What to consider when adding customer-facing analytics into the mix?
  • What should that customer-facing analytics solution look like, specifically for IoT applications?
  • Why is it a waste of time to develop it yourself?

Get introduced to real use cases of how IoT applications expose their data to their customers:

  • Crowd management at the Belgian coast during COVID, using anonymized cell phone signal data
  • Climate change research on the impact of weather conditions in home gardens, measured with IoT sensors
  • The transportation and storage of food at safe and compliant temperatures, measured by IoT sensors
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of data centers by through smart sensor measurements
  • and more

Watch the recorded session below. 👇

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