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Want to offer a stunning reporting module to your users, directly inside your own platform? Connect your Amazon Redshift data warehouse to and add dashboards to your platform with just a few lines of code!

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Amazon Redshift


Connect Amazon Redshift in real time

Connect your Amazon Redshift data warehouse to in a few clicks, thanks to our Amazon Redshift connector. With direct querying on Amazon Redshift, ensures your dashboards always show the most recent data.

Drag & drop dashboards on Amazon Redshift

Dashboarding on top of Amazon Redshift has never been so easy! Choose from +40 chart types, use custom styling & themes, and optimize for different screen sizes. All without writing a single line of code!

Fully embedded in your SaaS platform

Add interactive dashboards to your application, powered by your Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Get your integration running in days, and save your developers the hassle of building analytical features.


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