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Build dashboards on top of Panoply, an affordable self-service cloud data warehouse that can be effortlessly set up to gather and combine all your data in one place - in just minutes. You can seamlessly connect all your data stored in Panoply to for lightning fast analytical reporting and a 360 degree view of your business.

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Add & combine all data

Whether it's Salesforce, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, PostgreSQL or any other data source or file, Panoply has 100+ data source integrations ready to go. Connect any data in a few clicks, and automatically load it into your dashboards.

Make sense of data

Panoply automatically sorts and simplifies all your data into clear, clean tables ready to be used with standard SQL, Python or R. Panoply seamlessly connects to so you can visualize your data in easily customizable reporting dashboards.

Optimize performance

Panoply automatically models the data as it is uploaded, so you can immediately start querying multiple data tables together. It also automates scalability, storage, and query optimization so you can focus on getting actionable insights, rather than on database maintenance.


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