Empower students & teachers with an education dashboard

Help teachers teach better, and students become smarter. Add an interactive education dashboard to your learning platform, and help both schools & businesses make better decisions to improve their educational programs.

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Help teachers improve the way they share knowledge. Share an interactive education dashboard to teachers, whether involved in corporate training programs, higher education or summer schools. Help them analyze the way they teach, and see improvements that would otherwise go unnoticed.


You sell educational software to schools or corporate training programs? Offer a reporting layer to clients in higher pricing tiers, or as an add-on to your software. Generate revenue off your education dashboard, while helping your clients move forward.


Add data-driven tools that interact with other functions of your e-learning platform. Initiate workflows from your dashboard with a single button click, like scheduling an extra training class for students that were absent or did not pass their test.

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Dashboard solutions for education

Embed an education dashboard in your SaaS

Serve thousands of users with a tailored education dashboard, all from within the interface of your own EdTech software. Whether your application is used by schools, students, employees in corporate training programs or any other educational institution, we help you expand your product offering with value-adding reporting.

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Whitelabel dashboard editor for education

Let teachers, students or organizations create their own education dashboard, using Cumul.io’s white-label dashboard editor. A seamless experience for your users, as if they never leave your platform.

Fien Spriet

Developer Learning Platform at CodeFever

We organize coding classes for children, and Cumul.io helps us manage the enrollment of new students more efficiently. I was able to create & embed the dashboards into our learning platform in a flash! Thanks to this, all our teachers and admins can now easily track enrollment for every class in the upcoming season.

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Education dashboard examples for your use case

Which metrics matter the most to your dashboard users? Get inspiration from our gallery of government dashboard examples. Tested and approved by governmental institutions.

Learning Management

Help course teachers understand how students are navigating their courses. This dashboard includes metrics like new users, usage & completion per course, time to complete a course, and more. This dashboard fits seamlessly into any Learning Management System.

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Student Assessment

Give teachers an interactive overview of their students’ grades. This assessment dashboard maps exam results against other metrics such as student attendance, type of course, student to teacher ratio and more.

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Student Satisfaction

Help teachers understand what students like or dislike about their education. This student satisfaction dashboard shows the satisfaction scores for each course & instructor, points of improvement and overall recommendation.

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Organizational Overview per Campus

Give educational institutions an insight into the organization of their teachers & students across different campuses. This dashboard visualizes teacher to student ratio and overall class attendance across different physical school locations.

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