Powerful dashboards for government organizations

Bring public information to citizens in the most beautiful and interactive way. Add an interactive government dashboard to your application or public website, and improve communication with your citizens.

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Bring information to the public in an interactive way. Let citizens explore information about different topics that impact their daily lives. Offer beautiful dashboards that make complex information self-explanatory for every person.


You don't need a data scientist or developer to add interactive visualizations to your web page or portal. Our intuitive interface lets you build dashboards with simple drag & drop. Get a government dashboard up and running in a matter of days!


With our drag & drop editor, anyone can build stunning dashboards. Choose from over 40 visualization types, adapt colors & style to your liking, and optimize the dashboards for any device.

Our platform is built for integration.
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Dashboard solutions for government organizations

Embedded dashboards for government

Serve thousands of people with a personalized dashboard, embedded within your public website or secured application. Whether you’re a huge newspaper that wants to visualize statistics to their readers, or a governmental research agency looking to educate the public, we help you get your message to the public with convincing visualizations.

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Illustration of an embedded analytics dashboard
Illustration of a white-label analytics solution

Whitelabel dashboard editor for government agencies

Allow citizens or internal employees in your governmental organization create their own dashboards in a fully unbranded environment. Adapt the logo & colors to the look & feel of your government institution, and let them explore new insights with a simple drag & drop movement.

Wendy Schelfaut

Spokeswoman at Statbel

Cumul.io powers the dashboards of our interactive municipality tool. It’s available to all citizens to visually explore different statistics about their municipality, as well as policy makers who use it to improve decision making. We love Cumul.io for the fresh look & feel, and received excellent guidance during and after the implementation.

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Lieven Hilgert

Captain at Fire Department Antwerp

We use Cumul.io to visualize all the interventions of our fire department. It enables us to follow up live on each intervention. Especially in case of large-scale events, like a storm for example, our Cumul.io dashboards help us to take action much faster and do damage control as much as possible.

Government dashboard examples for your use case

Which metrics matter the most to your dashboard users? Get inspiration from our gallery of government dashboard examples. Tested and approved by governmental institutions.

Public Safety & Crime

Fight crime and help citizens in your districts stay safe. This dashboard maps out geographical areas with the highest crime rates and types of crimes, including metrics like number of crimes per capita.

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Smart Cities

Organize smart city initiatives like bike sharing more efficiently. This dashboard visualizes Citibike sharing in New York City, showing real-time availability of bikes and drop-off points throughout the city’s boroughs.

View dashboard

Mobility & Traffic

Improve mobility and traffic safety in your district, city or state using an interactive dashboard. This dashboard visualizes traffic accidents geographically, including insights on fatalities and the types of vehicles involved.

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Demographics & Population

Get an understanding of your city or country’s population and its demographics. This dashboard visualizes population by gender, age, marital status, region, and shows evolutions in population.

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