Serve your clients with an HR dashboard

Help HR professionals manage their operations more efficiently. Add an interactive HR dashboard to your platform or internal employee portal, and empower users with new insights into their most valuable asset: their staff.

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HR managers want to keep focus on their people, not their numbers. Offer a beautiful HR dashboard inside the familiar interface of your platform, so they never have to rely on an Excel data dump again.


Offer a reporting layer to clients in higher pricing tiers, or as an add-on to your software package. Generate revenue off your human resources dashboard, while your customers get more bang for their buck.


Add data-driven tools that interact with other functions of your HR tech platform. Automatically assign tasks, or plan resources for a specific project from within the dashboard interface itself. All with the single click of a button!

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Dashboard Solutions for HR

Embed an HR dashboard in your SaaS

Serve thousands of users with a tailored hr metrics dashboard, all from within the interface of your own hr software. Whether your application simplifies recruitment, project planning, employee administration,... we help you expand your product offering with value-adding reporting.

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Illustration of an embedded analytics dashboard
Illustration of a white-label analytics solution

Whitelabel dashboard editor for HR Tech

Let your platform users or employees create their own hr dashboard, using’s white-label dashboard editor. A seamless experience for your clients, as if they never leave your platform.

Karel Rabaut

CEO at Beeple

Our clients needed an interactive dashboard to analyze the scheduling of their temporary staff. Thanks to the integration with, our clients can now view these insights in minutes, or create their own custom reports, all within a familiar Beeple environment.

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Sebastiaan Rummens

CEO Forganiser

We considered for a long time to develop dashboards ourselves. Instead, we embedded dashboards into our staff scheduling platform, which saved us months of development time. It allowed us to focus those resources on our core platform offering: personnel planning.

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HR dashboard examples for your use case

Which metrics matter the most to your dashboard users? Get inspiration from our gallery of government dashboard examples. Tested and approved by governmental institutions.

Project management dashboard

Help your users keep track of resource planning across different projects. This dashboard includes metrics such as revenue per project, (non-)billable hours of employees and more.

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Recruitment dashboard

Give hiring managers a complete view of their recruitment funnel. This dashboard visualizes the entire recruitment process, from application to hire.

View dashboard

Corporate training dashboard

Help HR managers understand the effectiveness of their corporate training programs. Monitor the amount of trainings completed, assessment scores and expose skill gaps of each team to improve training programs

View dashboard

Employee satisfaction dashboard

Give HR managers a comprehensive oversight of their employees’ satisfaction. Monitor employee satisfaction rates, analyze turnover rates and expose potential areas of improvement.

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Payroll dashboard

Help HR teams keep track of their payroll. Monitor salaries, overtime, absence, and how it affects the organization financially. Expose cost causers or potential efficiency gains in your payroll process with ease.

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