Logistics dashboards for your software platform

Help your customers to cut costs in the distribution process. Add a logistics dashboard to your software or client-facing portal, and help both shippers & carriers manage their supply chain more efficiently.

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Inefficient logistics are simply money down the drain. Add an interactive logistics dashboard to your logistics software, and help your clients cut costs. Expose bottlenecks in their shipping & distribution process that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Your clients can’t wait to buy an add-on module that will help them cut thousands of dollars in operational costs. Offer a supply chain dashboard as an add-on or in premium pricing plans, and start generating more revenue for your platform.


Let your users take action on their data immediately. Trigger workflows from the embedded logistics dashboard to your platform. For example, trigger a refund or reschedule an appointment for a segment of unsuccessful deliveries, or trigger a discount for products that are rotting away in your inventory.

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Dashboard solutions for logistics software

Embed a logistics dashboard in your SaaS

Serve thousands of users with a tailored logistics kpi dashboard, all from within the interface of your own logistics software. Whether your application simplifies supply chain, inventory management, route optimization,... we help you expand your product offering with value-adding analytics.

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Illustration of an embedded analytics dashboard
Illustration of a white-label analytics solution

Whitelabel dashboard editor for logistics software

Let your stakeholders create their own dashboard, using Cumul.io’s white-label dashboard editor. A seamless experience for your users, it’s as if they never have to leave your software.

Toon Fabry

CEO at PhiRater

We needed intuitive dashboards inside our transport intelligence tool to help our clients analyze the total costs of their transport. By embedding Cumul.io dashboards into our tool, we were able to open up new insights for our clients, and helped them save up to 25% on their total transportation costs.

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Gerdy Seynaeve

Innovation Manager at Proximus

We are using Cumul.io dashboards for crowd management during massive events. Thanks to Cumul.io, we were able to help police teams keep spectators safe during The Tour of Flanders, one of the largest cycling races in Belgium.

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Logistics dashboard examples for your use case

Which metrics matter the most to your dashboard users? Get inspiration from our gallery of government dashboard examples. Tested and approved by governmental institutions.

Supply chain management

Help your users optimize their transportation process. This supply chain management dashboard gives an overview of the number of (un)successful deliveries and reasons of failure.

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Inventory management

Provide a birds-eye view of current inventory and warehouse management costs. This inventory dashboard provides insights into your total warehousing costs, and whether you are too low or too high on inventory for a specific product.

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Freight management

Give your users an insight into their total shipments’ worth, average freight and average cost per shipment, and help them optimize their freight and shipments.

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