Marketing dashboards for your clients

Help your clients generate more results with their marketing campaigns. Add an interactive marketing dashboard to your platform or client portal, and empower them with insights that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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No marketer enjoys digging through endless spreadsheets. Automate the annoyance of ad-hoc reporting for your clients by providing slick, interactive dashboards all from within your platform’s familiar interface.


Offer your reporting layer to clients in higher pricing tiers, or as an add-on to your services. Give your clients a reason to upsell, and generate revenue off your marketing analytics dashboard.

IMPROVE YOUR PLATFORM dashboards are more than reports. They are data-driven tools that interact with other functions of your platform. Create target lists using your embedded dashboard, or send a campaign to a filtered segment in your dashboard. All with the single click of a button!

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Dashboard solutions for marketing

Interactive marketing dashboards embedded in your platform

Serve thousands of users with a tailored marketing reporting dashboard, all from within the interface of your own marketing software. Whether your software simplifies email marketing, programmatic advertising or marketing automation, we help you expand your product offering with value-adding reporting.

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Illustration of an embedded analytics dashboard
Illustration of a white-label analytics solution

Whitelabel dashboard editor for martech

No marketing strategy is the same. Let your clients create their own custom digital marketing dashboard, using’s white-label dashboard editor. A seamless experience for your clients, as if they never leave your platform.

Cedric Spaas

Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

The flexibility of’s platform was unmatched in any other platform we evaluated. With, we were able to add an interactive reporting layer to our platform that is truly innovative in our sector. It sets Selligent Marketing Cloud apart from many of our marketing automation competitors.

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Cyr Provost

Commercial Director at Field & Concept

Our marketing agency supports retail brands with field marketing campaigns. allowed us to replace static reports & quarterly business reviews with real time dashboards, so our clients can immediately follow-up how their campaigns are performing on the field.

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Use cases for marketing dashboards

Which metrics matter the most to your dashboard users? Get inspiration from our gallery of government dashboard examples. Tested and approved by governmental institutions.

Email marketing dashboard

Keep track of email marketing performance. Analyze which segments of your contact database engage the most, and which email campaigns or messages stick with your audience.

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Social media dashboard

A quick way for social media managers to analyze the growth of their social audience & reach. Understand how your paid social media campaigns are performing, and how your organic social media reach extends with new campaigns.

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Digital marketing dashboard

This digital marketing reporting dashboard provides a snapshot view of online marketing performance. Understand how website traffic grows, which channels are acquiring new visitors, and how these visitors convert into sales opportunities.

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Marketing automation dashboard

Understand the results of marketing automation campaigns. Get an overview of the most engaged leads based on their lead score, and get insights on how to optimize your targeting & messaging for future marketing campaigns.

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Marketing ROI dashboard

Get a bird's eye view of your marketing ROI. How much budget was invested in marketing, and how much new revenue was generated thanks to each marketing campaign? Understand the true customer acquisition cost and its return on investment.

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