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Illustration of the benefits of embedded analytics, such as revenue growth, faster development and more features shipped
Statistics proving the benefits of embedded analytics

Data-driven companies lead the pack

Data-driven businesses are 23x more likely to attract new business. With easy-to-consume, interactive insights, they make confident decisions quicker, leading to faster growth.

Statistics proving the benefits of embedded analytics

And yet, most analytics in SaaS products suck!

Today, 94% of SaaS vendors are getting roasted about their analytics on G2. It’s time to banish static view-only reporting for once and for all.

Statistics proving the benefits of embedded analytics

Embedded analytics: a win-win solution for SaaS users and product teams

Captivate users’ attention with sharp interactive data visualizations. All while shipping products in record time, with almost no engineering resources.

Statistics proving the benefits of embedded analyticsStatistics proving the benefits of embedded analyticsStatistics proving the benefits of embedded analytics
Joram Schuurman

Joram Schuurman

Senior Customer Success Manager at 24sessions

Embedded analytics help us make a business case for our video platform. Based on the data, we can prove to mortgage departments in banks that video saves them 20 minutes compared to face-to-face meetings.

Sarah Zoloth

Sarah Zoloth

Product Manager at Castellan

Every day, we received customer requests for more specific reporting. By adding an ‘edit mode’, our customers can now visualize their data how they want. After a month, we already saw a decrease in support tickets.

Alexis Lesage

Alexis Lesage

CTO at Intent Technologies

We needed to drastically lower the amount of effort we put into creating customized dashboards. Cumul.io allowed us to reduce the time to produce a dashboard from weeks to days. Even to hours.

Mark de Jong

Mark De Jong

CEO at TimewaxCEO at Timewax

Our sales and marketing teams now have a new value driver to promote. The dashboards create a “wow” factor online and in conversations with prospects and customers that didn’t exist before.

our promise

Confident decisions for SaaS users, faster growth for SaaS products

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Make reporting and analysis fun

Let customers interactively discover insights within the familiar interface of your core application. Attract users to your app with a modern, personalized dashboard and an easy-to-use drag & drop interface.

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Drive the Next Step

Make analytics part of the day-to-day action. Let users dig deeper into their own data to uncover their next step or take immediate action from within the dashboard.

Woman using embedded analytics to take action on insights
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Maximize business value for end-users

Help your customers run their business better. Uncover areas to save money, gain efficiency or find new business opportunities. An extra confidence boost for making important decisions.

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What sets Cumul.io apart

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Modern, intuitive user interface

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Smart user management mechanism

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Designed for interaction & actionability

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A flexible, tech-agnostic platform

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Experts in embedding for SaaS

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Deployed in weeks, designed and validated in minutes

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