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Do you know someone who can benefit from beautiful dashboards inside their application? Bring a friend into the family, and get a special gift from our team!

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Get Rewarded

Get rewarded for being a true ambassador! Let your friends, relatives, or business contacts know about and get a gift when they sign up for a license.

If your referral becomes a customer, we’ll treat you with a €100 shopping voucher of your choice:


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Got referred? Get a discount on your annual license!

How did you find us?

Did you find out about via one of our ambassadors? Then of course, we’d love to give you a head start as a new member of our user community.

If you buy an annual license instead we’ll give you a 5% discount on the first year*. Simply pass on the unique referral code when signing up for your yearly license. We’ll take care of the rest!

* The discount cannot be combined with other benefits or discounts.

How to refer a friend?

Refer a friend in three simple steps :

Pass on your unique referral code to a friend* before they start a trial on our platform
Let your friend pass the referral code back to us when starting a trial
When your referral bought & paid their license, we’ll send over your gift card!

Ready to become an ambassador?

Do you know someone you would like to refer to us? Contact us at to tell us more about your friend, and to get access to your unique referral code. We’ll get in touch!

* The referral will only be valid if that person is not known by yet, meaning they have never started a trial on our platform or have been in previous contact with our team.

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Refer your friend now and get your gift from the team!

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