Embedded Dashboard Editor

Empower your users to mine their own insights and make data-driven decisions from within your SaaS platform. Drive business results for your customers with a seamlessly integrated data exploration experience.

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The embedded dashboard editor adds dashboard building capabilities to any software product
Benefits of the embedded dashboard editor

Enhance your user experience

A new and intuitive interface that drives deeper user engagement and is fully adapted to your brand's look and feel. No more sending your clients to a separate BI application. Keep your users close and loyal.

Benefits of the embedded dashboard editor

Give your users more power

Interactive features that drive users to explore their own data and mine actionable insights independently via custom reports, data enrichment, and building new dashboards from scratch. Increase user productivity.

Benefits of the embedded dashboard editor

Save time for your customers and your own teams

A low-code solution that deploys in any tech stack. Save time on dashboard design, preserve developer resources and ship products faster. Respond to customer needs quicker, generate new revenue, shorten time to value, and increase ROI.

Benefits of the embedded dashboard editorBenefits of the embedded dashboard editorBenefits of the embedded dashboard editor

Create dashboard variants

Supply dashboard blueprints that users can customize to their own needs with their unique business experience. Let them change colors, switch chart styles, or insert new charts. Boost user productivity, shorten their time-to-action and save tons of time in report creation. A win-win!

Interface to create and save different variants of a dashboard
Interface to create dashboards from scratch

Start with a blank canvas

Offer a personalized analytics experience with complete freedom to experiment and innovate with insights in a self-service BI tool. Provide access to data and tools to build new dashboards, charts, and insights from scratch while keeping users close to your platform.


Enrich with business data

Want your users to make even better decisions? Define the degrees of freedom for your users: upload a spreadsheet or connect to web services, APIs, and datasets to enrich insights. Compare and correlate complementary data to make more informed decisions with their local data.

Interface where software users can upload their own local files to enrich their analysis
Interface to export and share insights with other users

Collaborate on insights

Make embedded analytics part of the conversation. Share dashboard versions with colleagues, send data exports, set alerts or leave comments. Work as a team to interpret insights and drive consensus.

A self-service hub for analytics

right inside your product

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Simple & intuitive interface

Anyone can create stunning visualizations. No training and no code required. Anyone can be a creator with a simple drag and drop interface that creates visually appealing dashboards in minutes.

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Seamless integration & branding

Customers never have to leave your platform. Cumul.io integrates into your application, and blends seamlessly with your branding including colors, fonts, loaders, screen sizes, and languages.

Deployed icon

Fast & flexible deployment

Our dashboards are effortless to embed and deploy to production customer environments in minutes. Easily embed into your platform with front-end libraries native to your tech stack.

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Controlled sandbox environment

Decide how much control users have without code, including access rights to dashboards, datasets, and the level of customizations. Fully tailor your offering to your SaaS customers' needs.

What’s included?

The Embedded Dashboard Editor is available as of the Elite plan, including the following capabilities:


Embeddable dashboard editor




30 monthly active designers


Flexible user roles


Unlimited dashboards


Implementation support

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