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Add interactive dashboards to your product with premium Embedded Analytics. Designed for SaaS and high-performance cloud applications.

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An engaging experience for customers

Turn static, view only dashboards and CSV exports into an interactive analytics feature set. Give users access, control, and the ability to customize their experience.

Why it matters
Interactive analytics experiences for SaaS product users, such as real-time notifications and drilldown
Intuitive dashboard builder for product managers with color picker, drag and drop charts, and live collaboration options

Rapid prototyping for product managers

Say goodbye to long development cycles. Build charts and dashboards with minimal training with a drag-and-drop building tool. No code required.

How it works

Open architecture for tech teams

Deploy with any front-end or back-end technology stack. Build on top of existing data sources and APIs. Agnostic end-to-end.

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Overview of frontend libraries and data sources you can connect to's embedded analytics platform

Less hassle. More product growth.

A premium analytics experience boosts engagement, increases retention metrics and creates upsell opportunities. All while preserving valuable engineering resources.

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of SaaS vendors receive negative feedback on their analytics on G2.



SaaS companies deployed a better analytics experience with


business users love driving confident decisions with

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