Power your events platform with an event dashboard

Help event organizers sell more tickets, and offer better event experiences. Add an interactive event dashboard to your event software, and expose items that need attention, or opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Help event managers deliver better experiences. Expose issues on the event site in real-time, improve traffic flow in crowded or empty areas, and expose revenue opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Every event manager wants to generate maximal revenue with their event, and a dashboard helps them do just that. Offer a reporting layer as an add-on to your event software to provide your clients more value, while generating more revenue for your business.


Add data-driven tools that interact with other functions of your event platform. Initiate workflows from your dashboard with a single button click, like inviting high-revenue segments to your next events.

Our platform is built for integration.
Explore the embedded dashboard below to see how it works!

Dashboard solutions for events & hospitality

Embed an event dashboard in your software

Serve thousands of users with a tailored event dashboard, all from within the interface of your own software. Whether your application is used by event organizers, marketers or hospitality personnel, we help you expand your product offering with value-adding reporting.

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Illustration of an embedded analytics dashboard
Illustration of a white-label analytics solution

Whitelabel dashboard editor for events

Let event organizers create their own dashboards in a fully unbranded environment. Adapt the logo & colors to your brand’s look & feel, and let them explore new insights with a simple drag & drop movement.

Gerdy Seynaeve

Innovation Manager at Proximus

We are using Cumul.io dashboards for crowd management during massive events. Thanks to Cumul.io, we were able to help police teams keep spectators safe during The Tour of Flanders, one of the largest cycling races in Belgium.

Event dashboard examples for your use case

Which metrics matter the most to your dashboard users? Get inspiration from our gallery of government dashboard examples. Tested and approved by governmental institutions.

Event Ticket Sales Dashboard

Help event venues sell more tickets. This dashboard gives a full overview of ticket revenue, most popular events, most profitable segments and more.

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Visitor Tracking Dashboard

Give event organizers more insights into visitors across all event locations. This dashboard analyzes visitors per different location, no-show rates and visitor satisfaction.

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Sponsorships & ROI Dashboard

Show your event sponsors the true ROI of their sponsorships. This dashboard shows how many leads a sponsor generated per event, the amount of revenue generated and how it compares to their budget spend.

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