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Angular component library

New embedded dashboard methods

React & React Native dashboard component

Python SDK

JAVA SDK available on Maven

Vue dashboard component

Dashboard Web component

Manage Embedded Dashboards in the UI with no code

Consistency across all libraries

Embeddable editor

Usability: creation & consumption

New chart styling options

Revamped Pivot Table

Revamped Number Object


Axis Range on Area Chart

Text object: turn off scrollbar

Slick, Rounded Chart corners

Variable Dual Axis to Line & Area Charts

Responsive Date Filter

TypeScript Types for Core API

New Immersive Dashboard Editor

View & Edit Datasets in Editor

Spike Map Item

Boxplot Item

Dynamic currency override

Adapt saved organization themes

Heat table item

Customize data ranges in the date filter

Extra options for the Slicer item

Word wrapping in our table item

Locale aware formatting

Custom tooltips


Trigger action with Custom Events

Export chart data to Excel

Drill Down into More Detail

Higher resolution chart exports

Set Alerts & E-mail Notifications on Dashboards

Chart Information Tooltip

Additional alerting channels

Dashboard commenting

Drilling down on other columns

Measure & Dimension picker

Analytical Power

Timezone query support

More filter possibilities on numeric data

Post-aggregation filters in your authorization tokens

Data Connectivity

Redesigned new dataset modal

Update database connections from the UI

Oracle Database Connector

SQL query datasets

Improved data connections Google & MySQL

SAP HANA Connection

Platform Management

Dark Mode

Better filter management for deleted columns or datasets

Bulk actions

Safely Remove Users

Version history of dashboards

Your Reporting Portal

Account management using suborganizations

Configure redirect for expired sessions

Performance & Scalability

Improved filtering in plugins

Direct support for materialized views in PostgreSQL

Query performance overview in charts now available in multiple languages


Dynamic Account Overrides

Single Sign-On Authentication for your users

Multi-factor authentication

Data Tenancy Choice (EU - US)

Share with suborganizations

Create SSO tokens without a suborganization